About Wes Vaught

Wes has been in private craniosacral practice for over 20 years. He specializes in therapeutic protocols for TMJ, headaches, birth trauma, difficult early life experience, and freeing the being to open to conscious life.

Wes began intensively studying and practicing sports massage at age 15 for high school track and football teams. He went on to train in massage therapy and Watsu with Elaine Marie at Harbin Hot Springs, and later specialized in craniosacral with osteopath Hugh Milne. Wes has facilitated many workshop series on craniosacral work, and authored content on craniosacral therapy for the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing.

Wes has a B.S. degree in Addictions Studies with an emphasis in Complementary and Alternative Therapies from the University of Minnesota and has completed graduate coursework in Integrated Behavioral Health. He did counseling work with clients recovering from chemical and alcohol addiction using the Health Realization model.

Wes has also studied healing principles and meditation for over 45 years in the context of formal spiritual practice.

Wes lives with his wife near Sebastopol, CA, and enjoys building canoes and spending time in the great outdoors.




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